The genesis of Bike-Egypt

A dirt bike rushes in the desert. The Red Sea glimmers behind the beach town of Hurghada. Ahead rise dimly visible mountains and on the other side of them between the green banks runs the river Nile. In the middle of the sandy cloud behind the bike is following a jeep driven by a local Bedouin. In the car there is another man with a sand dust in his mouth, grinning while watching the biker having fun in the desert.

The year is 2006 and the reason for biting the dust is Destination Changed –movie which is being shot in the Egyptian desert. The ultimate destination, a huge sand dune, which is soon going to be skied down on slalom skis, does not suddenly seem so interesting. Biking in the desert in the middle of nowhere gets all the attention right now. Challenging terrain, inexperienced scenery and space as far as man can see.

A year and two go by. These two guys have fun by riding dirt bikes around the desert. Every once in a while they take some friends along. Everyone ever experienced this joy enjoys for full.

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