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22 Oct 2009
André Michael from Germany

Eat my dust... That's real big boy adventure

Can't wait for the next trip.

Great webpage, cool design.

20 Oct 2009
Matthias Breit from Egypt

Hey guys, congratulation to the new website. Looking forward to go for a trip with you ;-)

19 Oct 2009
Jay from Switzerland

 Hello Bike-Egypt!

Thanks for giving me a chance for the best experience ever on a dirt bike, it was coolest thing I have done in my life. I have dreamed about riding in the desert in Hurghada but it was not possible before Bike-Egypt!

Thousand thanks for the amazing trip with you guys!  We will see soon again!

1 Oct 2009
Dima from Finland

Great pages, couldn`t be better!

We (2-3 guys and me) are coming there in November, I hope someone has lots of marks in his training calender as we agreed together last time, ´cause I´ll check it carefully

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