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8 Dec 2009
Roger Edvartsen from Norway

Oy, Kimmo!!

Thank you so much for an absolutely insane action experience 2 December!!! I didn't tell you at the time, but driving behind you and Arto the KTM-salesman (!), I thought I'd piss myself. Still, getting the hang of it after some time, it was the most fun I've EVER had! The sensation you get when you're giving it everything up the sand dunes and basicallky hovering back down is like nothing else. I really thought Hurghada was crap, but will be back for the diving and driving :-D

A tip: you should offer massage after the trip....the muscles in my legs hurt like a m________er for 3 days!

Forget bungee jumping, parachuting, base jumping, speed skiing or white water rafting!! Get on the KTM and head for the dunes!!!


Roger Edvartsen

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