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4 .5 2016
We are open and doing regularly good rides :-)

Sorry for been slow in updating this web. Have a look at my FB site as well.

29 .4 2014
Perfect riding month of april

Must say that month of april was pretty multinational riding :-) Perfect rides with riders from USA, Australia, Egypt, Germany, Algeria, France, Sweden, Canada, Hungary, Holland, Austria and even think not all mentioned :-) Ride on..Kimmo

11 .11 2013
Things are just fine :-)

Part from being lazy updating web news can tell you that we are normally open and ride as much as we can. Here in Hurghada the "political Egypt situation" has no effect, just less tourist witch means in change more space to ride in Eastern Sahara desert :-) Saying that I must go now to garage and change some worn tires to new ones..

10 .7 2011
Special Offer

This week special offer for all female riders from Bike Egypt stallions "oil my body before ride" for free :-)

20 .6 2011
Bike Babes

Hi Guys, if you are cool enough you can join my desert rides and I promise, yes, desert is actually full of bike babes :-)

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