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22 .5 2010
Kimmo left his competitors far behind in the sand-cloud

::::::::::Sakkara Desert Race 21 May 2010 in Cairo::::::::: The race was organized bye EMF - Egyptian Motorcycle Federation. The 3 classes are: over 450cc, under 450cc and quads (in the classes final - no quads). The event was great - good organization, lots of competitors from different countries and cool bikes. The race took place next to Sakkara Sporting Club, close to Sakkara step pyramid. Kimmo Hagman, took part also this year in the event. Last year he won already The Rally of Egypt 2009, and now the story repeated itself. After the hard racing from sunrise to late afternoon, Kimmo became the overall winner and Bibo took second place. Our congratulations go to both of them and all those who took part!

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