Diving travelers know Kimmo as a top instructor and underwater photographer. Kimmo has had a career in professional diving since late -80s. He has managed diving centers in Maldives and Egypt. Nowadays he is one of the most appreciated UW photographers in the world. Safaris ran buy this photographer and a former rally driver provide you with lasting moments in the most picturesque sites as well as enough of speed when driving if desired.


Sampsa is another crew member, he is based in Finland. He is a network builder who got all the guys to play in the same team. An absolutely nice guy, he has never been seen in a bad mood.


If you think you have seen Timo in TV, wrestling in the Olympic games, you got it right. After his professional sports career Timo started running his own company in Finland. As he knows everything of nutrition and physical training, he is our guy in taking care of such things during the safaris. If you take part in a safari run by Timo, you can feel absolutely safe. This guy beats a camel in wrestling if needed. Timo is crew member that is based in Finland.


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